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Oxomoco – we – are a brandnew band. Dedicated ourselves to the creation of sounds and vibrations we love. Set to our own musical exploration.

In 2021 we self-released our first album „Oxomoco“.

We are looking for partners in booking, promotion and distribution.

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That´s how a debut should sound like! Turn it on and off you go on a post metallic journey that leaves plenty of space for dreaming, too. On board are heavy rock riffs, drums driven to the fullest, bluesy sixties-vibes and a proper dose of prog carried by a big, humming bass. Different eras of rock music have been inhaled here and blown into the post-rock and metal universe named Oxomoco.“ Klaus Kleever

„Oxomoco plays a special brand of Post-Rock, combining hypnotic, cosmic instrumentation with occasional Stoner Rock riffage and deep Psychedelic Rock grooves. An easy album to slip into. Consistently inviting and beatifully written, these five tracks are engaging through each and every moment.“   Patrick Schober / MonsterRiff

„Brilliant Trio Instrumental Post German Rock, They use layered textures of Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Metal, Doom, Melancholy, Experimental, and Space. Its melodies are very well elaborated, refined, filled with riffs destructive, treble, precise, noisy, with beautiful fingers with an imperious virtuosism, a low destructor and a vigorous guiding revenue in both times, with clarinet refinements, bagpipe and vocals Evocative, murmuring.“   Aryon Sterque / PostArtRocks

„Oxomoco are open about the fact that their music isn’t a shoehorn fit into a progressive rock oriented context, but that their music incorporates aspects of progressive rock into their creations. And I think that is a fair general description to give, as a band they come across as a unit with one foot placed inside the progressive rock universe and the other one placed a bit outside of it.“  Olav Björnsen / Progressor 

You can download the full album and EPK via the google drive link


video & pictures

This is the first video hommage we did. The audio & videoproduction is all DIY


The age of the first sun has begun.

It´s something like a good year ago when we got together to start
something new that would do our musical and artistic imagination
justice. Something out of the box that renders homage to the Muses
themselves. Something that withstands our demand and the qualities
of the good old days of „rock„ music. Something that can make your mind
And so we did. In the beginning of 2021 we started releasing our
first album. And would be delighted to perform live for you sometime,
someplace soon. We are happy to have many talented friends on board
for our undertaking.

Since they were merely young lads hanging out in obscure bars,
rocking out at underground concerts, Laurenz and Ulrich also played
together already in Munich s „vivid„ music scene, rehearsing in
basement storage rooms that smelled of sweat and old beer. Also bong
water. Punk, Grunge and Metal being on the menu. But at the same time
highly influenced by music of their Dad s epoch. Progressive and
psychedelic sounds of the 60ies and 70ies that is. (Thanks Dads!)
A new chapter started when one decided to explore something
untested. To study music far from home. Yet not cutting the bond of
friendship. This chapter also led to Ulrich and Emanuel founding a
new band, playing together for more than a decade now. It s something like a year ago, when we would meet in Berlin with an
idea in mind. To jam, to play, to plant the seed that has become Oxomoco.
And here we are today. Happy that everything makes sense now. Three
guys in for a novel exploration. Three guys connecting the dots.
Three guys pursuing a new musical and artistic adventure.


Laurenz Mösbauer – guitar – Ulrich Retzow – drums – Emanuel Pfitzner – bass & clarinet


on the album

Hannah Zieziulah – vocals/choir – Isi Niedermeier – vocals/choir

Björn Vollmer -vocals/choir – Max Freigeist – vocals – Norman van Haven – vocals – Murphy Montana – harp


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