In the beginning there was only void


Into it the lord of duality devised a light

And a noise

We want to pay homage to that ancient creation of colors and sounds.

Want to travel beyond time and space ?

The age of the first sun has begun


To worship the gods of Rock n´ Roll we created this tribute in sonic and visual form.

„The bit“, written by our fellow rollers, The Melvins.


This is „Of Home“


The first song of our forthcoming album.


The ignition of our little exploration.


The echo of the circling sun.


Oscillating through the ether, where you can catch it.

Come along, join oxomoco


… on a sonic ride of tranquility and turbulencetouching bluesy 60ies vibes morphing from blown harps into heavy stoner riffstransmuting post metallic soundsscary screams into nightly clarinetselegiac voices and whispering waters.

Into the calmInto the open.

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